Frederikshavn Naval Base

Total length of bulwark reconstruction: 1570m
Total length of bulwark execution: 700 m

Scope of works

Installation of reinforcement, carpentry works, concrete pouring, operation of construction equipment


steel fixers 10
carpenters 7


foreman 1


Danish Navy

Main contractor

Arkil A/S
December 2016 – December 2017

Modernisation of the Naval Base

The project consist of remodelling and executing new basins and break-water for Danish Naval Base in Frederikshavn.

Atom Contractors was involved in concrete works carrying out hammer beams, foundations, ramps, ducts for cables and media. All works were executed at the sea shore inside the Naval Base.

Benefits for a great job

Aarsleff has been awarded a contract for the 28MW Nissum Bredning project in United States, where Siemens will test a variety of its new offshore wind solutions. Foundations were delivered lead to Thyborøn aboard the barge Aarsleff 132.

Our portfolio – projects we have completed so far:

Infrastructure 24
Offshore & Marine 17
Structures 12