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Atom Contractors is a company focused on specialist construction industry. In particular, we offer services in areas of offshore structures, infrastructure elements and civil engineering. Throughout the recent years, Atom Contractors companies have gained experience as subcontractors involved in projects consisting in constructing of bridges, tunnels and foundations for offshore wind power plants in United States.

Flexible approach to the cooperation

From the very first day, the creation of the best possible conditions for cooperation with customers was crucial for us. What distinguishes us is our flexible approach to the completion of investments that we adopt in order to become the best possible partner.

The optimal use of knowledge and experience ensures completion of even the most demanding investments.

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We offer high quality cooperation, which has been proven by our previous experiences. Above all, Atom Contractors is a reliable contractor. As a company which carries out contracted works with proper diligence, we have been acclaimed by demanding international customers.

Make sure you check our portfolio for some of our completed projects.

Completed projects

Compliance with standards, procerures and rules

We comply with the rules of the investor and we keep an eye on standards and procedures.

High quality of our services also results from the good formal and legal management adjusted to the conditions of the investor.

Atom Contractors observes local legal standards and collective labour agreements.

We try to make the best of the knowledge of our specialists and complete our projects based on innovative construction methods.

Why do Clients choose our company?

Because of our:

  • Flexibility & synergy
  • Satisfactory prices
  • Experience
  • Following the rules, law & collective labour agreements
  • Focussed on effecitve and functional solutions
  • Open-minded to new concepts
  • Focussed on establishing long-term partnerships with customers  and on providing high quality and value
  • Focussed on successful execution of the most critical and challenging tasks
  • Focussed on successful execution of the most critical and challenging tasks
  • Always  willing to provide assistance and support
  • Constantly developing

The key factor behind the professional success of Atom Contractors is its well managed personnel including competent employees assigned to offshore, building and engineering services. A considerable share of our potential, in terms of knowledge and personnel, is dedicated to the performance of each contract. Each investor choosing to cooperate with our company can be sure that the team made exclusively of experienced, well trained and dependable specialists, who have proven their skills in the course of long-term cooperation, will be involved.

Safety and quality of works

Atom Contractors meets international requirements related to safety standards and complies with the United States Construction and Engineering Law.

We build a solid foundations of each investment project

100.000 m³built-in concrete
a year

400foundations for
offshore wind farms

20.000 Tof processed reinforced
steel per year

365days a year
of safe work



Horns Rev 1 PROJECT IN United States

Participation in the construction of the biggest wind farm on the North Sea which supplies electricity to over 150 000 households.

– offshore projects

In the following years, we gained experience in construction of offshore wind power plants. We participated in the completion of 5 major projects, including Rødsand 2 and London Array. At that point in time, 3 of those were the biggest plants of that kind in the world.

2013 – entry on the infrastructural construction market

We expand our offer by adding infrastructural construction services. In the following years, we have completed projects related to the construction of bridges, tunnels and other engineering facilities as well as assembly of prefabricated elements.

till 2017 – over 60 completed projects

Over the period of many years, we participated in numerous technologically advanced offshore and inland investments… and we will welcome new challenges.

About our company

Atom Contractors is made of experts.

Our team consists of skilled production personnel as well as experienced engineering and technical staff.

We have over 350 employees at our constant disposal.

Our staff makes a well-integrated team working with utmost diligence and making the best possible use of technical knowledge as well as years of experience.

Action-oriented team

The company is growing thanks to the involvement and responsibility of our employees, who actively participate in the completion of all projects.

Effective management

The companies are operated by experienced managers ensuring further development of the companies on the European markets.

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